Harriman State Park (NY) Backpacking review [South]

Solitude/privacy: 4.5 (weekend trip in the summer… you figure it out)
Environment & Nature: 4
Available Activities: 5
Staff & Park Officials: NA
Accessibility: 5

I’m back again in this park

and this time Karen came along with me and Dusty.  During my last trip I went up North of off RT 106. This time we decided to head south.  Since we got to the park pretty late in the day and without a definitive trail/loop planned out, we went on the whim and just started hiking.  Ones we reached the first peak on red trail, we sat down to rest and figure out where we’re going.

As I’ve mentioned in the previous review, this park has some amazing elements: lakes, streams, and animals.  The views however, aren’t that exciting.  Ones you spend 30 to 40 minutes climbing up, drenched with sweat, heart beating like a snare drum in your ear, and mouth dry…. don’t expect a breathtaking view.  Itll be quiet disappointing and bland but do feel accomplished!

As forest slowly turned dark,

we found a pretty good spot to set up our camp.  I quickly set up my Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent (check out my written & video review on it) while Karen collected firewood.  After a few shots of some old raspberry vodka from a flask and a can of soup, we hit the hay.

Oh how fun the night was for us.  Between the uncomfortable mat, sky going ablaze from lightning far away, something creeping around our tent the whole night long, and some creature imitating a very loud child’s scream for help somewhere in the distance (extremely terrifying), me and Karen regretted bringing only one flask for two of us.

The morning came too soon.

After such exciting night, I only fell asleep about an hour before dusk.  We slowly crawled out of our tent, packed it up and off we went.  The rest of the hike was a bit strenuous due to lack of comfortable rest and heavy gear.  A few hours later we were at the car heading towards Tuxedo, NY for some coffee and grill cheese sandwich with tomato by the Metro North Station.



Karen, Dusty, and I are very happy that we made this journey.  Make sure to check out the video review for additional exciting material about this hike!


  1. Is it really safe to leave your car in the parking lot for the whole night? other than that question i find your experience really awesome and I’m hoping to get to have one myself. 🙂

    1. yes, it is! First time I went up here, I was soooo paranoid. But as I was leaving at night I saw many cars parked and people out camping on trails… so yes, it’s safe.

      I’d recommend write a little note and leave it on your dash with:
      1 the date you left.
      2 the date you are coming back.
      3 which way you went hiking.
      4 which way you plan to come back from
      If park ranger notices your car parked out for longer than people usually do, than he’ll at least know where to look for you in case you are lost or injured. I assume so!

      Good luck and share your experiences when you get back… don’t forget pictures!!!!

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