Guide Gear TeePee Tent Review

When shopping for this product at first, I was hesitant.

The reviews for the tent sounded great but the lack of photos, videos, and more in depth specifications kept holding my purchase back.  After long consideration I bit the bullet and got it.

Guide Gear TeePee Tent

It is what it is – a TeePee tent.

Inside The TentOne pole in the middle and over a dozen of spokes gluing it to the ground.  Although it takes up as little of space as a 4-person tent (like Coleman Sunset Dune), on the inside it is very spacious.  With a little friction between the pole and the outer walls, you can fit up to 2 standard height queen size mattresses.  If your pump for the mattress only runs when plugged into your car, have no fear of inflating on the outside of the tent.  Even though the doors seem small, with a little pressure, you can squeeze the mattress right through.  Please keep in mind: any larger and/or higher mattresses will not fit through the doors.

This Tent can comfortably fit 4 adults,

a couple of medium size bags, and a medium to large size dog.  Being packed like that, do not worry about condensation because the tent offers 4 flaps that can be half or fully opened and 2 doors.  All of which are covered with bug screen.  For additional lighting, the tent has 4 windows made out of “plastic bags” providing not the clearest views but still allows just enough light to brighten the inside.

Tent Vents

This tent is a looker!

It definitely stands out at any campground.  It is very practical and a fun place to take shelter in.  Speaking of fun,  not quite sure if kids these day still play “cowboys and indians” but if they do, this tent is a perfect prop for the Native Americans hide out in.

TeePee Tent Pano

Overall, It’s a great product for the price.

However, please keep in mind that this is a 10′ x 10′ TeePee tent.  If you feel like it will be too small for you and your family, check out their larger size of 18′ x 18′.