Allaire State Park Campgrounds (NJ) Review

When staying overnight

Allaire State Park Campgrounds

at this campground in April of 2013, I was a bit hesitant to do a review because of two things:
1) A lot of activities that the park offers were still unavailable due to off season time or were only offered on weekends.
2) Sandy damaged a lot of trees on the campgrounds and in the park, therefore some parts were still closed off to the public. (including damaged buildings).
Since I was there and there were some things that stood out, a review had to happen.

This is a small campground that offers

Allaire State Park CampgroundsAllaire State Park Campgrounds Yurts
45 campgrounds, 6 shelters (which are technically small cabins), and 4 yurts (which are basically large canvas teepee tents).  There are some spots that are decently apart from each other at one part of the campgrounds and other that are very close to each other at another part.  Both have their benefits and disadvantages.  It all depends how many sites you are booking at once.  I’d suggest give a call to the main office and ask for their recommendation which spots would suite you and your party best.

Allaire State Park Campgrounds Playground

Since this is a State Park in New Jersey, pets are not allowed.  However, this might change in a near future.  There are currently five State Parks that started to allow pets on the campgrounds as a trial run.  If all goes well, this campground will allow pets as well.

The park offers a lot of activities

Allaire State Park Historic Village

and if you get bored of them, there are even more things to do within an hour drive.
There is:
Boating, canoeing, kayaking
Charter/fishing boat
Horseback riding
Ocean beaches
Shopping/outlet malls
Six flags great adventure park

Let’s finally talk about the elephant in the room.

Allaire State Park Campgrounds Road & Highway

This campground is located a bit too close to a road, and a road that’s located even closer to a major highway.  Do expect hearing traffic nice and clear throughout your stay.  Even a Spring rain hitting the tarp of your tent won’t drown it out.   With this said, I’d suggest to skip the campgrounds and just do a day trip to the park and enjoy great nature, historic town, and activities.