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Intex Seahawk II Boat Set Review

What’s awesome: 

This raft comes with two ores, manual pump, 2 pouches (1 for motor battery, the-other for whatever floats your boat.. heh, get it?), and two blow up seats.  Although this raft is for 3 people I would only recommend it for 2. This way you get plenty of room for your fishing equipment and even room for a large dog. Since the raft is so rugged, having a dog in it is no problem…. Don’t worry about the dog’s nails, it’ll handle it!

If you plan to use this raft on a lake, I highly recommend you to get an electric motor.  The raft has special hooks and a place for a battery. If you plan to use it as a safety raft for you yacht or just for rafting down the river, than no worries, don’t bother with the motor.

Why a motor? Due to the rafts’ size and shape it gets exhausting to constantly keep rowing every time the current sends you back to land.

What’s not so awesome:

It’s white, the ores suck, and folding it back into the bag is a time consuming & strength draining task.  Can somebody please tell me whose bright idea was it to make this raft in white? Between the dirt, mud, sand, pebbles, and everything else, this raft is now between yellow and brown color.  It’s as if the designers though this will be used in a nice, clean, chlorine treated pool….. seriously?

If you decide to

ignore my idea of additionally purchasing electric motor, do yourself a favor and at least get additional oars.  The ores that come with the raft are the definition of “cheap junk”.   There are many reviews on amazon that say exactly the same thing – the ores that come with the raft will break.  Mine did during second time using them!

Check out SailboatsToGo and raft like a sir with a sail.

Folding the raft back

into the bag is a really annoying task.  Unfortunately I do not have luxury of a yacht, backyard, or a shed to keep this thing inflated all the time…  This means I must fold it back after each use and this can take up to good 20 minutes. Take your time and take care of it.