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Columbia Titanium Mobex Backpack REVIEW

What a bag!

I am in love with the way it is designed.  It is by far the best looking bag on the market.  At first, it may seem unpractical but in farther investigation, the amount of “hidden” pockets it has will blow your mind.  On the outside the bag has 2 zipper compartments (on top and bottom) and 2 mesh compartments on its “face”.  Peaking inside, the bag has space for a 3 liter water bladder (with opening for a hydration tube of-course), 1 large pocket with a separator, 2 hidden pockets, and a detachable pouch.  On the waist strap you will find a nicely sized pouch and a very useless bottle holder.

Useless Bottle Holder?

Yup!  As with Nissan Cube, the outside design is beautifully thought out & executed but the interior seems like the designers either ran out of money or talent.  It stinks!  Same goes with the bottle holder for this bag.  It’s impractical and your canteen will be in a way of your arm movement while hiking.  Check out the video below to see just how awful it is!

It’s a bit feminine.

We randomly stumbled upon this bag while exploring Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and I immediately had to have it.  Priced at $80 I was a bit hesitant but couldn’t get it out of my head and ended up buying it.  It turned to cost $60 at the end.  Today you can find it online for about $40 which is a great bargain.  Right.. went off track for a bit.  Just look at it!  Doesn’t it scream out Hello Kitty?.. even when it’s in black.  Maybe it’s just me.  Personally, I don’t care.  The bag is comfortable & lightweight, and at the end of a long hike these are one of many very important factors.

For day hike you say?

Even though it’s small and most of the compartments can only fit a pair of socks, with smart packing this bag can be used for at least an overnight hike (if not 2 or 3 nights).  It all depends on the amount of hiking, terrain, and the weather you are facing.  With proper rationing of water (don’t forget the terrible canteen holder), you’ve got room for some dehydrated food and clothing.  You can attach your sleeping bag, mat, hammock/tent on the outside of the bag and you are ready to hit the trails.

Overall, this bag is

awesome!  I would  highly recommend it for day hikes (and overnight hikes too!), bike rides, or morning commutes.  Please check out some additional information in the video below.

Large Extreme Pak InvisibleTM Pattern Camouflage Backpack Review

At first glance

this bag seemed to be very sturdy. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.
As soon as I received it, I stuffed it with my camping gear and anxiously waited for the next trip. Right away I noticed it started to rip on top (where you close it). After about a year of barely any use (about 2-4 trips), the zipper on top broke and mash on side pocket ripped. It’s pretty uncomfortable to hike with. The waist straps dont help you support the weight, they just tend to bring the bag closer to your body.

It is however,

HUGE! You can fit a lot of stuff in it. It has a separate compartment for a sleeping bag (which can be turned into extended interior space). Plenty of spacious pockets for gear. Unfortunately, none of them are easily accessible while you have the bag on your back. It has an insane amount of available spaces for you to clip on your mat to or just about anything; on top, on sided, on the bottom, on front straps… you name it and there is a place where you can attach stuff to it. It offers mash (which has ripped after 3 uses) on sides for you to store your water canteen for “easy” access while having the bag. It’s somewhat easy to take it out but good luck putting it back in. The waist straps are very wide and if you have a multi-tool attached to your belt, expect a lot of discomfort.


skip it! Save your money and buy something less inexpensive.

Check out the video review