My name is Paul and I’m a guy who loves the great outdoors.  This blog is kind of a log of my travels throughout North America.  Here I’ll share with you my adventures and thoughts of parks and forests I visit.  I am not a hardcore hiker/camper guy who knows every little thing about best gear to use or amazing trails to follow, but when I go on my ”escapades” there are a few key things that are very important to me.  First and foremost, when I get out in nature I seek solitude and peace, not a place to socialize with people.  So when I do go to a campground the last thing I want to see is a person camping out 5 feet away from my spot, a crying child, or worst yet, an overweight man in a speedo trying to calm down that crying child. Which brings this blog to kind of a new level.


I will give my personal rating for each place I visit.  It will consist of 5 key factors and each one of them will get a grade between 0 (being lowest) and 5 (being highest).  These five factors are:

Environment & Nature
Available Activities
Staff & Park Officials

In addition, I usually travel with my lovely companion Karen.  She is a type of a gal that hasn’t experienced sleeping in a leaking tent during a downpour before she met me.  She is also a type of a girl that has brilliant ideas outside of the box… I guess that’s why my I’m sticking around with her for the past 4 years.

Aside from rating different campgrounds & trails through out northern US, I also review different gear (from tents & hammocks to bags & multi tools) that I use.  Again, these reviews come from a perspective of an avarage guy who enjoys camping on occasion… well maybe more of a frequent occasion than most people.

If you have any suggestions or ideas that you would love to see on this blog, please feel free to write me a line via email (orangetuna.ebay@gmail.com) or just leave a comment on one of the posts.  I check & reply to the comments as frequently as possible.