Survival/First Aid Kit (Walk-through & Tutorial)


A hiker should know how to

properly navigate with the help of sun and moss, catch a meal, make fire with sticks, and all of it with as little of equipment as possible.  A survival kit is a “bag of goodies” every hiker should customize for themselves, according to their skills, age/health, terrain & weather they are hiking in.  The items listed below are some of the essentials I would find useful & even luxurious addition to my knowledge in a survival situation.



Please check out my video overview of most of the items that are on the list.

Item.                                 Quantity.

Alcohol Pads                        8
Bandage Roll                        1
Adhesive Tape                     1
Hand Sanitizer                     1
Copper Wire                         1
Cot. Balls fire starter.        8
2.5″ Pocket Knife                 1
Orange Rain Poncho         1
Orange Garbage Bag          1
Space Blanket                       1
Tea Bags                                  4
Safety Pins                             4
Pencil                                      1
Paper                                      4
Fishline, Hooks, Weight
5 ft Rope 550lb                     1
10 ft Rope 550lb                  1
Compass                                  1
Light Stick                               1
Foil                                            1

Med Kit Items

Item.                              Quantity.

Spazmalgon                        7
Prilosec                                6
Charcoal Pills                    4
3109 Penicillin                  9
GI Motrin                            9
PDI Alc. Swaps                 2
CVS Alc. Swaps                 6
Syringe & needle                1
Cotton Swaps                     2
XL Bandaids                      2
S Bandaids                         2
Cu-tips                                 8