Coleman Montana 8 Tent Review

It’s HUGE!

Sorry for the caps but it really is!  This is my very first tent of this size and there is as much of excitement in me as there is space on the inside of the tent.  Coleman designed this tent for 8 people and it’s doable but it’ll be extremely crowded.  I’ve barely managed to fit in 7 sleeping bags without them being on top of each other.  With this said, I would recommend this tent for a family of 6.  This way everyone is comfortable and still have enough room for luggage and/or a dog.

Coleman Montana 8 front

Because it’s so big,

setting it up is not as easy as Coleman Hooligan 2 or Sunset Dunes.  It took me nearly 45 minutes and an extra pair of hands to erect it.  Granted, it was my first time and we weren’t in a rush.  With this said, if you are planning to purchase this tent and set it up for the first time on a campground, I suggest you get to your spot at least an hour before sunset.  This way you can enjoy or be less irritated with the process as opposed to doing it in the middle of the night.

Coleman Montana 8 side

I LOVE the door.

I’m used to the flimsy doors most tents have which always end up being stuck on the zippers or rub against your body while climbing in or out.  This especially sucks after rain.  Montana 8 however, has actual poles designed to fit into the door which allows to open and close them as you would with your car or in your house.  It’s a little neat touch that makes a great difference.

Coleman Montana 8 awesome door

Let’s talk about ventilation.

This tent has 3 medium size windows.  One on the door and the other two on opposite sides of the wall.  Given the fact that this tent is designed for 8 breathing mouths, add a 90% humidity into the mix and I’m predicting some condensation issues.  Make that 8 college kids drunk out of their minds and chances are they will wake up in the morning swimming.

Coleman Montana 8 small windows


it’s a pretty decent tent.  It feels durable which can last you for a few years.  I haven’t experienced it in rainy weather but just with any tent, some come new and they are amazingly waterproof and others not so much.  Your best choice would be to spray the seems and you should be good to go!

Coleman Montana 8 inside 1

Coleman Montana 8 inside 2



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