Month: February 2012

Survival/First Aid Kit (Walk-through & Tutorial)


A hiker should know how to

properly navigate with the help of sun and moss, catch a meal, make fire with sticks, and all of it with as little of equipment as possible.  A survival kit is a “bag of goodies” every hiker should customize for themselves, according to their skills, age/health, terrain & weather they are hiking in.  The items listed below are some of the essentials I would find useful & even luxurious addition to my knowledge in a survival situation.



Please check out my video overview of most of the items that are on the list.

Item.                                 Quantity.

Alcohol Pads                        8
Bandage Roll                        1
Adhesive Tape                     1
Hand Sanitizer                     1
Copper Wire                         1
Cot. Balls fire starter.        8
2.5″ Pocket Knife                 1
Orange Rain Poncho         1
Orange Garbage Bag          1
Space Blanket                       1
Tea Bags                                  4
Safety Pins                             4
Pencil                                      1
Paper                                      4
Fishline, Hooks, Weight
5 ft Rope 550lb                     1
10 ft Rope 550lb                  1
Compass                                  1
Light Stick                               1
Foil                                            1

Med Kit Items

Item.                              Quantity.

Spazmalgon                        7
Prilosec                                6
Charcoal Pills                    4
3109 Penicillin                  9
GI Motrin                            9
PDI Alc. Swaps                 2
CVS Alc. Swaps                 6
Syringe & needle                1
Cotton Swaps                     2
XL Bandaids                      2
S Bandaids                         2
Cu-tips                                 8

Large Extreme Pak InvisibleTM Pattern Camouflage Backpack Review

At first glance

this bag seemed to be very sturdy. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.
As soon as I received it, I stuffed it with my camping gear and anxiously waited for the next trip. Right away I noticed it started to rip on top (where you close it). After about a year of barely any use (about 2-4 trips), the zipper on top broke and mash on side pocket ripped. It’s pretty uncomfortable to hike with. The waist straps dont help you support the weight, they just tend to bring the bag closer to your body.

It is however,

HUGE! You can fit a lot of stuff in it. It has a separate compartment for a sleeping bag (which can be turned into extended interior space). Plenty of spacious pockets for gear. Unfortunately, none of them are easily accessible while you have the bag on your back. It has an insane amount of available spaces for you to clip on your mat to or just about anything; on top, on sided, on the bottom, on front straps… you name it and there is a place where you can attach stuff to it. It offers mash (which has ripped after 3 uses) on sides for you to store your water canteen for “easy” access while having the bag. It’s somewhat easy to take it out but good luck putting it back in. The waist straps are very wide and if you have a multi-tool attached to your belt, expect a lot of discomfort.


skip it! Save your money and buy something less inexpensive.

Check out the video review